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Redaksjonen anbefaler

Redaksjonen anbefaler
Imagine this…

Imagine you are sitting on a train admiring the majestic winter landscape of the Dovre mountain range in central Norway.

Would you have known that this is the most important area for wild reindeer in Europe? Perhaps you would be curious about how medieval pilgrims also made their way through these mountains to Nidaros Cathedral and the grave of Saint Olav? Would you realise that the very area you were travelling through was also a strategic centre for the German army during World War II? Or maybe you would wonder about who lived here while the very railway you are traveling on was built over 100 years ago?

The answers to these and other questions lie in numerous national and local databases in Norway. So how can we access and use this content from the comfort of our seat as we speed through the Norwegian countryside?  That is when ‘Heritage Here’ comes into play.

Read more http://www.locloud.eu/News/Heritage-Here-a-Cross-Agency-Innovation-Project-giving-access-to-invisible-knowledge

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